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Tom Le Blanc

Regrarians Team Member

Tom Le Blanc designs and installs regenerative land and water systems in Sonoma County, California.  Tom received his first  Permaculture Design Certificate from the Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco, earned an Ecological Landscaper Certificate of Training from the Permaculture Skills Center in Sonoma County, CA, and is a Quality Water Efficient Landscaping (QWEL) certification.  He was also an alumni of the Regrarians #REX1California in March 2016 at Orella Ranch.

Tom’s fascination with the natural world stems from his childhood in southern New York, where he explored the woods and lakes, and a local farm and ecology center.  His internship at the Stone Barns Center for Agriculture, one of the first farm-to-table establishments focusing on a healthy and sustainable food system, was a first step on his path to investigate the integral connection between ecosystems and food systems.  Tom graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Anthropology, focusing on subsistence patterns of indigenous horticultural and prehistoric agricultural societies. 

In 2010 he headed west to the Bay Area where, while building his first cob and straw-bale house, Tom discovered Permaculture and knew he’d found his key to meeting human needs in a way that regenerates ecology, economy and community.  

After earning his first Permaculture Design Certificate from the Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco, Tom immersed himself in local projects like Hayes Valley Farm, an urban permaculture site occupying a highway onramp that collapsed in an earthquake, and cofounded the NOW! festival, a week long place-making event in the Panhandle Neighborhood.  

While recognizing the merits of intensive production in cities, Tom knew he needed to scale up in order to affect a greater regenerative impact. He moved to Sonoma County and completed Ecological Landscaper Immersion under the supervision of globally acclaimed permaculturists Erik Ohlsen and the late Toby Hemenway.  

Designing and installing large scale water harvesting and food production systems further fueled his passion for regenerative land design and management.  In late 2015 he and partner Nathaniel Chaput founded Perennial Abundance and he now spends his time designing and installing such systems around Sonoma County.  When he’s not building soil, harvesting water and enhancing biodiversity for clients he can be found foraging for mushrooms in the woods or working in his home garden.  His dream is to bring large scale regenerative agriculture systems like the Spanish ‘Dehesa‘ to Northern California.

Perennial Abundance is a permaculture based land care business offering design, installation and land management services in Sonoma County California. Beginning in 2015 Perennial Abundance has been serving clients ranging from residential to production agriculture.  The team is excited to be in a place where regenerative agriculture, and carbon farming are becoming common phrases and hope to be a major part of continuing that shift and seeing it spread elsewhere in Northern California and beyond.


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