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Susan Cousineau

Regrarians Team Member

With a BSc in ecology and MSc in evolutionary biology, Susan Cousineau has pursued field research in Costa Rica, Amazonian Peru, the BC West Coast and Alberta Rockies, and Kenya; studied the intersections of regenerative agriculture, infectious diseases, and chronic health challenges; and is in continual lifelong pursuit to tie together ecological restoration, global health, and food security.

Susan grew up farming and has worked on a number of other farms (pastured pigs and poultry; organic fruit and berries); collaborating, teaching and installing edible landscapes; and in nature-based youth education. She blends a solid foundation of research science with practical farm-based applications of holistic management, carbon farm planning and experimental design.

Overall Susan focuses on supporting initiatives towards a more climate-centric and biodiversity-friendly agriculture, in the context of a global ecology.

Susan’s current work involves coordinating a dynamic, creative, community-oriented citizen science platform based around telling the story of how soil health influences our gut microbiomes and everyone in between; consulting for several ranches to develop their holistic carbon farm plans; and milking her friends’ goats, raising chickens and maybe even developing a local, orchard-grazing turkey landrace for Ventura County (California USA).

Susan’s primary focus is on bringing scientific research together with the global movement towards a slower, healthier, more integrative perspective on health and agriculture.


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