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Marcos Henrique Spinella

Marcos Henrique Spinella is currently a cattle ranch manager in the state of Tocantins, located in the Cerrado bioma of Brazil. He and his wife Aline Kehrle, also a REX alum, manage a family owned, pasture raised cattle operation with average of 4500 animals and 5000ha of land.

They experiment with different techniques, such as Holistic Management Planned Grazing®, high density rotational grazing, Keyline® Design and permaculture. In the last 3 years, since when they took over the family ranch operations, they started experimenting with those techniques, and they already can see substantial improvements in the quality of soil, forage, water absorption and also very important, profitability.

Marcos completed the #REX4Chile intensive in 2016 and the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Melbourne 2012. He also spent 3 months in Zaytuna Farm in New South Wales as an intern. His field of interest is soil regeneration, water conservation, earthworks and Holistic Management®.

He is passionate about everything related to food, and believes that it should be healthy, full of nutrition, grown in a way that enhances soil and the environment, and above all, really well cooked.

Apart from being a permaculture designer, Marcos has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering and has an extensive experience working in the private sector with industrial development, in such a variety of cultures and economic backgrounds. As a senior engineer with 10 years of experience in industrial management, when it comes to industrial development, he has seen and learned a lot about the way our world is developing.

One of his specific expertise is ‘lean management’, which is a philosophy that cuts waste and improves productivity: waste of energy, waste of space, waste of money, waste of time, and probably worst of all, waste of creativity of people. Not surprisingly, waste can be found everywhere, and he has dedicated his career in identifying them and work together with people to minimize them.


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