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Lisa J. Heenan

Director - Regrarians Ltd.

Lisa Jane Heenan is a professional actor, singer, writer & entertainer. Lisa was the star in the cult-classic thriller ‘The Long Line’ (1992) and the acclaimed social drama ‘Shredded’ (2002) & has played in a number of roles in Film & TV such as ‘Road to Nhill’ & ‘Stingers’ along with ‘Blue Heelers’, ‘Hamish & Andy’ & ‘Neighbours’, having been involved as an actor on many Australian productions, commercials and educational/corporate videos over the last 25 years. Lisa is well known not just for her sharp and probing talent but also for her no fuss capacity to adapt to any number of roles put before her, incredible ability to learn lines and is a true character actor and skilled voice artist.

More recently, with her eldest daughter Isaebella, she produced and co-directed the multi-award winning, feature-length ‘Polyfaces‘ documentary.

Lisa has also performed as a singer, acoustic guitarist and drummer across a range of genre’s and currently does limited solo and band gigs mostly in South Eastern Australia. With a great range and broad repertoire than spans everything from rock to folk, Lisa is particularly renowned for her Jazz & Blues vocals, which when teamed up with her daughter Isaebella or going solo is something else.

Lisa has fit being an active family-oriented mother, daughter & sister in, whilst managing her professional career along with playing a pivotal role in the development and operation of Regrarians Ltd. with her husband Darren J. Doherty and children Isaebella, Pearl and Zane. On the many events and projects that Regrarians has been involved, Lisa has been right there from the start, providing strategic, practical, no-nonsense guidance and support to all involved. Those that know her or work with her are always impressed with her grace & ease under pressure & her ability to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

All manner of people gravitate to Lisa at Regrarians events — with her sharing her incredible wisdom, sharp eye for business opportunities, life balance and healthy eating tips and support. Her perspective is as wide as it is wise…

Lisa is also the owner & manager of ‘Dehesa Felix’, the family farm at Eppalock just outside of Bendigo in Central Victoria, Australia. This property has been purposely designed & is being developed to sustain generations of her family & others using the variety of techniques & infrastructure that Regrarians Ltd. is renowned for.

With her daughter Isaebella & husband Darren J. Doherty, Lisa is a Director of Regrarians. Ltd.

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