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Helen Lewis

Regrarians Team Member

Helen Lewis is one of 10 Internationally Accredited Holistic Management Educators in Australia — training people to make decisions for an innovative, adaptive and agile business environment, while improving your people, your profit and your environment.

Helen and her husband and their young family run Picots Farm, a 1000 hectare grazing property in south eastern Queensland. They market directly to customers locally and regionally their beef, honey and other farm products.

Helen is passionate about managing holistically — which provides decisions with intent, transparency and integrity, meeting the growing demand from customers and investors to align with the culture of your business. Businesses need to know why they do what they do… the values of the business. The holistic decision tool enables you to make every decision count towards your ‘WHY’.

Helen has extensive experience to draw on — from community development, policy advising, Agri-politics, agribusiness in Central Australia, international paper on holistic chain management, producer to retailer, to now as a Farmer producing dry aged, grass fed & finished beef holistically and policy re-designer creating enabling, endearing & enduring policy.

Helen loves to collaborate, share ideas & knowledge, sparking new ideas and solutions.

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