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Harry Greene

Regrarians Facilitator

Harry Greene works at the intersection of agroforestry and investment capital, and is a co-founder of Propagate Ventures.

He also runs 100 Years of Sun, a chestnut-centric tree-nursery and agroforestry consultancy at the wildly successful Bread & Butter Farm in Shelburne, Vermont. Bread & Butter manages 245-acres with 100% grass-fed beef and raw-milk dairy herds, and pastured pigs, grows organic vegetables, and sells most everything direct-to-consumer.

Harry holds a B.A. in both Spanish and Business Administration, and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Vermont. Harry grew up at a summer camp in Massachusetts, and was an Olympic hopeful in the sport of modern pentathlon. He enjoys running, reading, and cooking good meals with good friends.

Propagate Ventures’ mission is to grow agroforestry as a cornerstone of agriculture. Linking market actors with farmers and land managers, they serve as a platform to increase both the supply and demand of permanent crops. Propagate’s model is market-driven by the pull of consumer demand, collective pre-purchasing, and early stage investment. Propagate works to create the economic and social structures necessary to pull regenerative agriculture into the mainstream, independent of policy and payments for ecosystem services. They seek to create a trophic cascade of value from high finance to soil. Propagate Ventures provides a solution for unreasonable farmers to create localized but replicable disruptive innovations. This shift toward regenerative agriculture will enable resilient food production for an economy of permanence.



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