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Grifen Hope


Grifen Hope is a resident, cofounder, lead designer and teacher of team ElManzano in the Biobio region of Chile.

Raised in Taranaki, New Zealand he has been involved in the growing of organic food; fruit, nuts and vegetables since he can remember. As as a self employed entrepreneur in his 20´s he gained extensive experience working in the dairy industry, farm forestry, riparian revegetation and the department of conservation developing the practical skills of productive landscape establishment and management.

Grifen is a bilingual regenerative professional recognised as a leader in design and education that is sustainability. He has empowered thousands of people around the world in systems thinking, regenerative design practice and simple living. In Chile he has been a pioneering proponent of regenerative agriculture, in particular focused on Keyline® Design, Regrarians Platform®, forest gardens and intensive food systems.

His work as a mentor and designer has supported the development of hundreds of innovative sustainability and land based projects in Chile and around the South American continent. Through his leadership he has supported the emergence of various pioneering organisations including Universidad Gaia Latina, the Permaculture Institute of Chile, the Chilean national hub of Transition Network, and most importantly ElManzano as one of latin America’s most important and successful regional centres of sustainability, regenerative agriculture and design. 

Grifen has an honours degree in Resource and Environmental Planning specialising in Landscape Ecology from Massey University, and is currently working on his MSc in Regenerative Design with Gaia University.

El Manzano is Regrarians Ltd. partner in Chile.


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