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Gerardo Ruiz Smith

Regrarians Team Member

Based in central México, Gerardo Ruiz Smith‘s work is mostly focused on the research and propagation of drought tolerant perennial crops and design of agroforestry and silvopastoral systems that help regenerate degraded lands, restore the water balance, sequester atmospheric carbon, support the local economies and strengthen food security for the people who live in arid and semi-arid regions.

Gerardo is the lead land planner and educator at Plantum, a regenerative design firm in Mexico that works on projects of all scales from the urban environment to broadacre farms. He is a board member of the Apios Institute, a non-profit, user-generated wiki of perennial crops and polycultures.

With his family, he runs Mexquitl, a small business that works with rural communities to harvest and process mesquite pods into high quality flour and other products. The project seeks to promote the use of this hardy and multipurpose legume tree that was once the staple crop of most indigenous cultures in northern Mexico and its integration into the local food production systems

Gerardo is Regrarians Ltd. partner is Mexico and is the co-translator (Spanish) of the Regrarians Handbook project.


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