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Georgi Pavlov

REX Facilitator

Georgi Pavlov (Георги Павлов) is a highly skilled polymath who runs a regenerative agriculture design, consulting and training firm with his brother Smilyan. Georgi has been a Regrarians Ltd. partner for 3 years, first coming to our attention when he started converting some of our designs into stunning digital illustrations and 3D renders.

Since then Georgi has gone on to work very closely with Regrarians’ Darren J. Doherty and is his main design collaborator.

With a keen passion for Keyline Geography and Geometry, Georgi produces Keyline designs of an incredible clarity and leads the world in his understanding and appreciation of this discipline.

A consultant to consultants, Georgi, who is still in his 20’s, shares his time with his partner Ala in his beloved homeland of Bulgaria and hers of Poland and works internationally with companies such as Terra Genesis International along with Regrarians Ltd. and many other private clients across the globe.


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