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Erin Axelrod

REX Facilitator

Erin Axelrod is a Partner at LIFT Economy, helping to accelerate the spread of climate-beneficial businesses, specializing in businesses that address critical soil and water regeneration. She is an avid ecologist, grassroots organizer and regularly forages for wild food in her home in rural Sonoma County. LIFT Economy is an impact consulting firm whose mission is to create, model, and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life.

Land-based entrepreneurs consistently exhibit the following pattern: they all need more resources, more time and more customers. Erin helps businesses lift themselves out of this exhausting pattern through collaboration, design, and mentorship. 

Erin is adept at helping people walk away with ideas and tools for how to navigate these persistent entrepreneurial challenges and immediately attain more ease and efficacy. Erin will draw on inspiring case studies of entrepreneurs that are building businesses towards creating an economy that works for the benefit of all life.

Erin’s key goals are to offer practical, immediately-actionable skills and tools for people to employ true economic shifts in their lives and immediately begin to live more regenerative, soil-based daily lives, for the benefit of all life. She believes that everyone is an investor in our economic system and wants to empower farmers, ranchers and land stewards in making high-leverage shifts to catalyze a more regenerative economic system. 

  • Company: LIFT Economy (USA)
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