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David Ward

Regrarians Team Member

David Ward is a qualified Agricultural Consultant with more than 23 years of hands-on experience within the agricultural sector.  Possessing a passion for responsible and regenerative food production principles he brings skills and experience to support Australian farmers to build thriving regional communities along with holistic profitable production methods that are simultaneously economically, environmentally and socially sound.

Experience and Qualifications

David possesses an Associate Diploma of Applied Science from Emerald Ag College and has completed numerous industry accreditations from chemical & fertiliser application to Holistic Farm Management Principles.

Industry Skills/Experience

In previous roles David has responsible for conducting technical due diligence on properties before acquisition, property mapping and planning, equipment purchases and logistical operational matters. He has set up communications platforms for farm staff in remote areas of western NSW and QLD.

David has invaluable practical on-farm agronomic and production experience along with people skills in facilitation, strategic planning and business development.  He is passionate about finding more sustainable and regenerative ways to manage land and communicating this to farmers and communities.

David has an open mind and prepared to examine new ways and take on innovative ideas. He has excellent skills in production agronomy (of a range of crops including some newer ones such as Multi-Species Cover Cropping and Condiment Mustard) and has worked with a range of farmers on Business Development.  While being innovative, he also has the practical skills to make positive change “On ground” and is a holistic thinker by nature and can see the financial, environmental and people perspectives of his advice and his clients decisions. He assists them to make more Holistic decisions in their own business.


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