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Dan Harris Pascal

Regrarians Team Member

Dan Harris-Pascal is the director of Seed Head Design, a design, consulting and education company specializing in Agroforestry, Forest Gardens and Integrated Catchment Management. Since 2010 Seed Head Design has worked with private land holders and community groups developing site designs as well as implementing, monitoring and evaluating these projects at home in Australia and abroad. A young ecologist with training and experience in forestry, botany, horticulture and land management, Dan worked in ecological restoration with the National Botanic Gardens in Hawaii and with the Djelk Ranger Programs in Arnhem Land before starting his own business.

Dan´s key goal is to transform the productive landscape such that it is regenerating natural systems and ecosystems services while increasing in productivity. He is currently working in Chile bringing these ideas to the degraded landscapes of the Central Valley, working with government, private landholders and community groups designing mixed species plantations, silvopasture forage systems, woodlots, windbreaks and forest gardens. Dan has a passion to make ecological design and education accessible and understandable.

A passionate educator and public speaker, Dan is currently completing his Masters in Agroforestry. Dan´s thesis is focused on designed secession and how we can best use catchment management and landscape regeneration processes to increase productivity and ecological resilience in our agricultural landscapes.


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