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Chris Moore

Regrarians Team Member

Chris Moore is the founder of C. Moore Watershed Education & Ecological Design based out of Humboldt County on the iconic Northern California Coast.

Chris Moore simplifies the hyper complex and overwhelming regulations for Northern California Farmers to run legal and environmentally friendly operations to improve their businesses and their quality of life.

Chris began his career in restoration in Southern California mitigating impacts of development, managing estuary enhancement and native plant restoration projects. His experiences prompted him to seek proactive solutions to mitigate society’s impacts on the environment. He began to seek an unconventional approach — one that uses thoughtful design and development to reduce or even prevent impacts. This path lead him to Northern California and the study of watershed restoration and permaculture.

With 20 years’ work in habitat and watershed restoration, Chris has managed a diverse range of projects, including in-stream fish habitat structures, stream bank stabilization, bioengineering projects, riparian planting, and re-vegetation. Working with various landowners, including ranchers, cannabis growers and small-scale farmers, led to additional projects in design and construction, including creating road networks that would prevent erosion and impacts to water quality.

Over two decades, Chris has developed a holistic framework that enables him to consider and account for the combined needs of multiple diverse stakeholders; and to act as a nexus between ranchers, landowners, agencies, nonprofits, funding sources and permitting bodies. In addition to his work with cannabis farmers, he runs Woody Ryno Farms, a pasture-based pork and chicken farm in Humboldt County.

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