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Aline Kehrle

Aline Kehrle is a Brazilian veterinarian with 10 years of experience in raising beef cattle. She and her husband Marcos Spinella, also a REX alum, are currently in charge of a her family´s beef cattle ranch, in Tocantins, occupying the position of manager and veterinarian responsible for about 4,500 animal units over a 5000 hectare (12,500 acre) area.

She began, along with the farm team, 3 years ago, a regenerative farming model focusing not only on financial results, but also on soil recovery, adequate water and pasture management, and recovery of the “Cerrado” biome.

The passion for raising animals and nature began early when, at the age of two, she was already visiting the family farm. After finishing veterinary school, she was an academic researcher for 4 years in animal reproduction, earning a Master in Science.

Her professional enlightment came only after watching Allan Savory´s TED talk on Holistic Management, and through the discovery of ways of farming in which could meet the current urgency of environmental issues. That leaded her to graduate as permaculture designer by IPEC Institute in Brazil and Regrarians’ #REX4Chile 2016.

Enthusiastic about nature, lover of good farm food and all outdoor activity, she believes that regenerative farming is the way of getting people, especially those living in big cities, to reattach with nature, rebuild communities and improve their relation with food.

Aline’s goals are to spread the information about regenerative agriculture, aiming to show farmers around the globe, through her own experiences, that it is possible to practice agriculture in a better way.


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