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REX 13 Week Online Farm Planning Program – April-July 2018


Join the vastly experienced Regrarians® Team as they guide you through the live and interactive 10 week REX Online Farm Planning Course. Your farm is your project and we guide you through the whole process following the world-renowned Regrarians Platform®. Throughout each of the 10 weeks you will create your own holistic farm plan, getting live and experienced feedback the whole way from our world-class team of leading Regenerative Agriculture practitioners.


The REX does not promise all things to all people, it is founded on reality and accordingly we want you to consider the following questions:


  • To create your OWN farm plan or a plan for your clients following the world-leading Regrarians Platform®
  • To be involved in a process which is completely interactive and the closest thing to being in the same room?
  • To have Regrarians’ founder Darren J. Doherty and his personally selected team assist you through every week to build your farm plan?
  • To participate in an online farm planning program that is ‘cutting to the chase’ and respects your valuable time, investment & involvement?
  • To be involved in a program that is led by someone has over 25 years of real project experience in over 50 countries on over 2500 projects just like yours?
  • A level of support following the program with the outstanding Regrarians® Network of successful and leading professional producers and practitioners?
  • To get constructive and participatory feedback on your farm plan’s progress throughout the program?
  • An intense experience that is big on you understanding processes you’ll be able to apply to your own regenerative agricultural project?
  • To complete a farm plan that you can start working with straight away and for much less than it would cost if you hired a farm planner!!



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