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Does an Instalment Plan work better for you? 

We're please to announce that a new 13 week REX program starting on April 1th(Africa/Eurasia/Americas) & 2th (Asia/Oceania). In 2017 over 500 people participated in the first 2 REX® Online Farm Planning Programs.

Course Description

Create you own Farm Plan – online with the Regrarians Team of world-leading regenerative ag practitioners

Starting this April, plan your own farm over 13 weeks of live and interactive webinars, Q&A’s, forums and reviews — led by Darren J. Doherty and the amazing Regrarians Team of world leading regenerative agriculture practitioners

Course Agenda


APR 1/2  – Live Webinar & Q&A

The 3rd REX Online program will be kicking off on Sunday the 1st of APRIL (Africa/Eurasia/Americas) and Monday the 2nd of APRIL (Asia/Oceania) with a ‘REX Orientation + Using the Regrarians Platform Farm Planning Process’

Since it was incepted in 2012 the Regrarians Platform (‘RP’) has provided a large number of people with a planning process that is holistic, inclusive and thorough. Its 10 layers are based on the 8 factor ’Keyline® Scale of Permanence’ that the renowned P.A. Yeomans outlined in 1958 and forms the basis to all of Regrarians Ltd. trainings, farm planning consultancies and media outreach. 

A RP farm plan is not just a design on a map — its a detailed and holistic process that brings together the contexts of an individual, their family, their team and their community with that of the climate and the landscape and region they’re operating in.

APR 16-20  – REX® Farm Tours across SE QLD (AU)

A very special addition to this REX program is an optional weeklong tour of farms across SE QLD. In partnership with Regrarians Team member and Holistic Management Consultant/Educator Helen Lewis and the Condomine Alliance and Landcare Groups, Regrarians’ Darren J. Doherty will be spending a day at a range of operating farms whose enterprises will be joining us for the remainder of the REX Online Farm Planning Program. 

This will give people the opportunity to join us on the ground for that week experiencing first hand some of the world-leading farm planning techniques and approaches that Regrarians has developed and applies across the world. 

Pricing to join us on this option of the REX program will be announced soon. 

APR – 22-23+ REX® Online Farm Planning Program

There are two live sessions each week: Live 1 and Live 2. The dates that appear below are for the different time international time zones — i.e. APR 22-23 means that the Live 1 session of that week will be on Sunday 22nd of April 2018 in Africa/Eurasia/Americas and on Monday the 23rd of April 2018 on the other side of the International Date Line in places such as Asia/Oceania. We recommend using to check your local starting times against 0700 (AM), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia time (AEST, GMT+10):

Live 1 – Sundays/Mondays – Week 1 starts, Monday 23rd of April 2018 at 0700 (AM), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia time (AEST, GMT+10)
Live 2 – Thursdays/Fridays – Week 1 starts, Friday 27th of April 2018 0700 (AM), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia time (AEST, GMT+10)


APR 22-23 – Live 1 -Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
APR 26-27 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

“…If you’re not designing your life then someone else is…” 

– Javan K. Bernakevitch 

Striking words from Javan, words that hit the chord of how important it is to establish what Regrarians’ founder, Darren J. Doherty, calls the ‘climate of mind’. The Holistic Context is a potent framework for refining what is truly important in you, your family’s and your teams lives and how that is expressed in the enterprises you work on and the landscapes and communities you work in. 

A RP farm plan is not just a design on a map — its a detailed and holistic process that brings together the contexts of an individual, their family, their team and their community with that of the climate and the landscape and region they’re operating in.

APR 29-30 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
MAY 3-4 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

The development of a Holistic Context is a critical part of the pathway to creating an achievable farm plan. Within the Regrarians Platform it becomes the benchmark against which all land management and enterprise decisions are made. Develop the understanding about what you really stand for, what makes you and your family (and team) happy, how you can work most productively and how you can build a foundation of landscape, enterprise and community wealth. 

MAY 6-7 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
MAY 10-11 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

The advent of the free Google Earth® software has been a boon for land managers the world over — its become a ‘universal translator’ of sorts between all manner of more sophisticated and expensive software and has democratised the power or geography. Learning how to use it effectively and understanding its limits are important steps in building a farm plan. Its also important to set up your Google Earth folders from the start and Regrarians Platform layers are the natural order of these folders.

A primary step in the Regrarians approach to farm planning is to use Keyline® Geographic Analysis to understanding the principal landscape elements. Once established these elements inform the placement of most of the design features that make up the Development layers of the Regrarians Platform. Using the Keyline Geographic Analysis is at once liberating and powerful as the landscape ‘speaks to you’ (P.A. Yeomans), ‘telling’ you where to put different elements such as water, road, tree, building and fencing systems.

MAY 13-14 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
MAY 17-18 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Understanding the ecosystem processes of your landscape and how these interact with the built elements are critical to building an effective farm plan. Using your farm map as a base and applying some simple and yet effective site analysis techniques will help you now and into the future as monitoring landscape function is a key component of holistic land management. We’ll introduce you to the brilliant ‘Bullseye!’ monitoring methodology that our original Holistic Management Certified Educator (HMCE) Kirk Gadzia co-authored. Also to the great work of another experienced HMCE and Regrarians Ltd. associate/mentor in Graeme Hand, who will help you understand landscape function better and is a co-facilitator at this module’s webinar.

MAY 19-21 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
MAY 24-25 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

“…Water is the principle planning medium. Water comes before roads and fences and everything. If you get the water right, you get the roads right and you plant the trees in the right place, and no-one does that…”

– P.A. Yeomans, 1979

Water Storage, Harvesting, Reticulation, Treatment

MAY 26-27 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
MAY 31 – JUN 1  – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Most people have trouble getting Access right, whether on the largest or smallest scale. We define these arteries of movement and their engineering with the assistance of our analysis of the Geography and Water layers.

Roads, Tracks, Trails, Markets, Utilities, Labour

JUN 3-4 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
JUN 7-8 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Forestry systems vary greatly—a myriad of natural and created forms. Nearly all economic landscapes are part of forest complexes and in the Regrarians Platform, forests and their placement are defined by layers 1–4.

Blocks, Shelter, Savannah, Orchards, Natural, Animals

JUN 10-11 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
JUN 14-15 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Buildings are often expensive pieces of infrastructure that require detailed planning and engineering. In the Regrarians Platform®, the integrated placement of these structures is very much determined by the five layers before it on the permanence scale.

Homes • Sheds • Portable

JUN 17-18 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
JUN 21-22 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

The placement of Fencing as relatively fixed infrastructure is a hallmark of our domestication of many species, particularly livestock (and humans!). Traditional systems are expensive to build and apply. The advent of electric fencing revolutionised our ability to manage landscapes, allowing us to follow topographic patterns and natural animal behaviours.

Permanent • Electric • Living • Yards • Temporary

JUN 24-25 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
JUN 28-29 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Soils are the foundation of life and therefore an important focus; we need to take care of the whole to support its foundation. Regrarians’ focus on determining the most cost-effective treatments to regenerate soil from the many that exist.

Planned Grazing • Crops • Minerals •Fertility

JUL 1-2 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
JUL 5-6 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Economy is driven by our analysis of the previous layers, particularly Climate and Geography. This analysis and our consequent planning focuses on driving the economic engine of the various capital flows (Roland, E & Landau, G 2008, pers. comm.) that, like soils, are fragile and form the basis of the regeneration of the whole.

Analysis • Strategy • Value Chain

JUL 8-9 – Live 1 – Weekly Live Webinar & Q&A
JUL 12-13 – Live 2 – Weekly Q&A

Energy is vital to fuelling all of the elements that drive any system. We therefore focus on organising energy systems that regenerate rather than atrophy — bearing in mind their cost-benefit in a rapidly evolving field.

Photosynthesis • Generation • Storage • Machinery

Who Is It For

The REX® does not promise all things to all people, it is founded on reality and accordingly we want you to consider the following questions:



This April, the team at Regrarians presents the 3rd REX® Online Farm Planning Program.

An opportunity for you to create your own farm plan facilitated by a team of some of Regenerative Agriculture’s greatest practitioners.

Starting on April (Africa/Eurasia/Americas) & July 6th (Asia/Oceania), this REX program will provide you with 10 weeks of in-depth training to create your own farm plan with support all the way from our the team of experienced farm planners & farmers.

Home for the REX is the new Regrarians® Workplace. Here you’ll find all of the members of the Regrarians® Team, many of our current & past clients, professional associates along with participants of the many live & recent online REX programs from all around the world. This platform is very intuitive and easy to use — its based on Facebook and so if you’ve used Facebook then you’ll feel right at home but without the distractions!

A least twice a week for 13 weeks we’ll take you through a live and interactive GoToWebinar-based presentations and Q&A, where we give you weekly tasks & reading; hold special sessions and even One on One’s & small group sessions to make sure your needs are taken care of. All of the sessions are recorded and made available to you forever so you can get the most out of the program.   

All of your weekly task work is loaded into the REX13Week Google Drive — we’ve set up all of the folders so you’re good to go, making it easy for the Regrarians® Team to make comments and steer you in the right direction. 

REGISTER NOW by purchasing this program HERE.

Tickets are priced at $USD995 per person or project — that’s right per project!


You can also join the Regrarians Affiliates Program & receive US$50 for every mate you get to sign up!


With every booking you get a free DVD of the multi-award ‘Polyfaces‘ documentary plus the available chapters of the Regrarians eHandbook.  




About Darren J. Doherty

Darren J. Doherty has extensive experience across the world in project design, development, management & training. A career-long focus on the profitable & regenerative retrofit of broadacre landscapes has seen Darren acclaimed as a pioneer in this important & often overlooked field.

With the advent of the Regrarians Ltd. non-profit in 2013, Darren has shifted his service profile to being that of a volunteer of that organisation, and is a leading attendee at conventions and conferences organised in conjunction with local organisations and individuals all over the globe.

Darren is a 5th generation Bendigo region farmer, developer, author & trainer and since 1993 has been involved in the design & development of well over 2500, mostly broadacre projects across 6 continents in over 50 countries, ranging from 1 million hectare cattle stations in Australia’s Kimberly region to 110,000 acre Estancia’s in Patagonia, EcoVillage developments in Tasmania to public:private R&D agroforestry & education projects in Viet Nam, novel AG Machinery development + family farms across the globe with a range of private, corporate, government & non-profit clients.

A true ‘integrationalist’, Darren has more recently been the originator of the Keyline® Design (2006), Carbon Farming (2006), Carbon Economy (2007), Regenerative Agriculture (along with RegenAG® {2009}) & Regrarians® (2012) and Regrarians® REX®, ROC & RAP conventions and conferences across Europe, North & South America and Oceania. This wide experience has created an international reputation of achievement plus and enviable & expansive network that integrates many disciplines. Globally many of Darren’s alumni and client base of well over 15,000 people are at the cutting edge of the movement towards regenerative agriculture & living systems.

Darren is the originator of the Regrarians Platform process which outlines a strategic & logical process to the development of regenerative agricultural systems, and is the program extensively outlined in the Regrarians Handbook which is now being released chapter by chapter as an eBook.

50 years of age, Darren is married to Lisa Heenan & together they have three children, Isaebella (24), Pearl (18) & Zane (16). Lisa & Isaebella are Directors of Regrarians Ltd., a family-operated non-profit attending conventions and conferences across the world, whilst organising Australian-based events, development, AG products & multi-award winning media out of the Bendigo region of central Victoria, Australia.

Lisa and Isaebella are the multi-award winning Producers, Directors and Cinematographers of the critically acclaimed feature film, ‘Polyfaces‘, which was released in late 2015. 

What Do People Say?

“…Not only did I gain the knowledge in how to transform a desert into an abundant landscape over broad acreage, through pragmatic, incremental and economical viable options, with a working aspiration to the vision Regrarians state in repairing the biosphere. I learned how business strategies, keyline, permaculture, holistic management have beneficial outcomes. Transform the climate of mind form one of competition to one of cooperation and self-actualisation.  I cannot speak highly enough of the ethics, values, principles, practical knowledge, business skills, presentation tips, resources and leadership Darren and Lisa have given me over the years. This wisdom has empowered my career to one of regeneration in conflict zones and humanitarian projects…”

“A big thank you to your power team Darren J Doherty and to all participants. Sharing our plans, concerns, questions allows others to learn and I did learn a lot from others’ questions and contexts. Priceless. My getting back to work (business school) was crazy and I kind of missed out on the last weeks of the Online REX. My plan is to do some catch up end of october and go to Morocco to fence, fence, fence…”

“…Thank you to Darren and the dedicated REX team not only for a fantastic program that was thoughtfully planned and delivered but also the additional advise and support that was so generously provided; frequently going above and beyond what was originally promised. I have gotten more than I was hoping for from this intensive process and feel so much more prepared and contented in the notion that our farm will now go forward with a much clearer overarching vision. Thank you also to the other participants who took time out to engage in collegial support which made the experience all the more welcoming…”



“For some time, we had been investigating a variety of PDC’s and local vocational courses to assist us with our farm planning, development, and management. None of them seemed quite right for our context. None of them could clearly articulate value and what we would obtain at the end of the process. This was until we found Darren Doherty, the Regrarians Platform, and the REX programme.

We were somewhat reluctant to sign up at first, still with the bad taste of other courses in our mind. However, upon gaining an understanding of the Regrarians approach we started to become more comfortable and then, after the first week was over, we were entirely sold on the course and what we would achieve.

The REX is structured along the lines of the Regrarians Platform so we anticipated a heavy influence of Keyline design and practical farm planning, which the course delivers in spades. What we didn’t expect however was several weeks of rather challenging holistic management planning, not only for our farm, but our family and entire way of life. The delivery of this component of the course was first class in every respect, the outcome of which is a well grounded holistic context for which our new farm, home, businesses and lifestyle will be based.

Darren’s knowledge and experience provides a practical level of guidance rarely found for any aspect of farm planning, development, and management. This wisdom, coupled with a team of highly capable experts in various related fields supporting us through the programme is unique to the REX.

We’ve completed the programme with a strong sense of purpose and focus for what lies ahead with an entirely different outlook from before we commenced. We feel we are far better equipped to ask the right questions (of ourselves and others) for the various aspects of farm planning and have a deeper understanding of the challenges we face, confident that we have a platform that will support us in our decision making going forward.

Lastly, the community of like-minded people that has been created during the REX has made it truly special and we’re hopeful will lead to many long-term friendships as we all journey towards a common goal of regenerative enterprise…”

“…Thank you Darren J Doherty, the whole Regrarians team and fellow participants! This 10 week REX online course has been of immense help for our family and for our plans for the farm and the future. Spending more than 20 years with cows and farming, on pursuit of old and new regenerative knowledges, practices and wisdom, we found ourselves getting lost in heavy workload and uncertainty about which way to go. The REX team helped us create structure to our management of the farm and to create a framework or “a home” for our plans, hopes and dreams…”

“…Just wanted to say thank you Darren J Doherty for the bonus video and for all your work and guidance throughout the course. I really learnt a lot and we have a whole new level of excitement around developing our property and promoting regenerative land practices. Thanks also in particular to Daniel Harris-Pascal for your contribution to threads I was engaged with. Cheers…”

“…Thank you Darren and the whole team for an inspiring 10 weeks! Doesn’t feel the same without the REX to look forward to! Keep up the amazing work all of you. Until the next time x…”


“…There has never been a cooler time to be involved in agriculture!!! People doing such cool and inspiring work!

We have just finished the Regrarians 10 week online farm planning programme and what an amazing journey! Brilliant weekly content, access to a range of professionals to assist with your design process to take your ideas to the next level and loads of inspiration! Highly recommend it!…”



“Thank you, Regrarians team for the intensive care, and all those great people that shared their knowledge and gave a hand. Wish you all the best with your projects.”

“…Dear Darren, family and the whole team. These 10 weeks, that for me will never end, have been one of the most fantastic experience of my land related life. It has also shown me that the lessons learned have already spilled to all aspects of my life, such is the power of the structure and decision-making process from these steps. I was very fortunate to be able to participate in this first online experience and I thank and congratulate Darren for having taken this route. I still hope to, one day, participate in a live REX, but this fuel will keep me going for a long time. I would also like to thank all other participants for such a joyful experience. Seeing the community coming to life and gaining structure was very interesting. Hope to keep in touch with the group. Darren, thank you, very much, again…”

“…Thanks a million to you Darren the whole team and all other journeying participants…It was an excellent beginning to your program as well as the opportunity for clarity, insight, inspiration and springboarding into my own project…All the best to each of you!…”

“…The REX® Online Farm Planning Program is hands down one of the best educational courses I’ve done. Over the last few years I’ve gained access to land and influence the decision making when it comes to management and development across multiple sites. Even with a degree in Environmental Engineering, a PDC and a long time interest in all these things, my lack of first hand experience and worthy mentors left me a little overwhelmed on where to start, or what to prioritize on the never ending list.

The course sorted all that business out. I now have all the necessary information at hand to make informed decisions, a comprehensive farm plan for the family property, a clearer pathway to potential profits and am part of a network of professionals that I can collaborate with in the journey.

Darren J. Doherty is a true master in the field and has developed a platform that is grounded in sound practical knowledge and experience. Over the many years he has spent in the industry he has surrounded himself with some of the world’s most innovative farmers and a large percentage of them are part of the Regrarians® network.

The Regrarians concept builds upon the work of some of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers when it comes to regenerative agriculture. It’s all about meeting land managers where they are at and providing them with the best tools and knowledge to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of all and everything, and always based on their context. It is essential training for anyone that manages any sort of land based enterprise.

The thing that sets Regrarians apart from anything else is that is is not limited to any one technique or ideology but instead critically analyses everything in context. Consider it like an index of the world’s best practice to make informed decisions, regenerate land, feed people, AND make a profit.

Even though the course is over, the learning is lifelong. It was so good I just signed up to do it again. This time working with the legendary Thiago Rips who has recently started Syntropic Farms Australia. I am very much looking forward to facilitating the collaborations!..”

“…If you have a farm, or want a farm and need to figure out how to develop it, if you have taken courses, but need something that gives you the tools and support to develop your property, Darren’s online REX program presents a revolutionary framework for regenerative land and life design. While I have enjoyed the many PDCs and other courses I have done over the years, the Regrarians Platform is an amazing system that produces real results…”

“…Ecologically, Socially & Financially, Darren empowers farmers to not only be the change they wish to see in their context and community. He includes a lifetime of “walking the talk”, his knowledge, skill and experience are priceless…”

“…I’ve been a participant is three of Darren’s Farm Planning classes. Each time I’m pleasantly surprised by Darren’s ability to make complex information palatable using a teaching style that feels both welcoming and inclusive…”

“…In this line of work there are so many points to be taken into account when designing that it is quite easy to be swamped by what feels like an endless sea of details, variables and potential choices. For me this course felt like a culmination point of years of study and practice coming together to be organised and directed into a clear design template. The Regrarians Platform® is the next major node in the regenerative agriculture movement…”

“…I cannot recommend highly enough Darren as a teacher, and the REX as a course for professional regenerative land design.
Integrative, structured, and to the point…”

“…Darren is the foremost farm water and hydration planner in the world…”

“…I believe this is one of the most profound assessments of human-ecology dependencies that exist…”

Joel Salatin, in the ‘The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs”, referring to the Regrarians Platform®


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